Mooring & Tenders
Mooring & Tenders

Having a swim, coming back to the club house,  having a rest in a creek… mooring is always an enjoyable moment, provided your boat is correctly protected and secured : anchors, windlasses, fenders, mooring buoys, bathing ladders, tenders…

Accessories for RIBs and inflatables

Aluminium ladder

Aluminium folding ladder suitable for RIBs and inflatable tenders.


Ideal to repair a tear instantly in situ.

Can be used bellow as well as above the waterline.

Easy repair, no need for any tool or glue :

- enlarge the tear up to 5 cm wide ;

- introduce the back plate through the tear ;

- use the nut to clam the two plates tight around the tear and secure the seal.

Can be used again.

Gator patch (cure & protection)

Fibreglass reinforced polyester patch : a quick and permanent solution for repair and protection on all surfaces.

Wheels for tenders with stabilisers

Wheels with stainless steel tracks for tenders with stabilisers. Fixing system mounts on transom. Wheels are easy to secure and remove with locking pin. Fits all Plastimo FUN tenders. Recommended maximum load : FUN Pi320VB + 15 HP engine (approx. 100 kg). Supplied in pairs with mounting instructions and accessories.
(Pi120VB, Pi270VB, Pi320VB & Pi270VH)

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