Keelshield, keel wear pad

Keelshield® is a high quality rugged shield made of pure urethane polymers, which provides efficient and durable protection for your bow and keel from abrasion, scratches and scars (against pontoons, buoys, floating objects, rocks...).
Suitable for polyester and aluminium hulls.

Most efficient on jet skis and RIB's when beaching. 


Length Colour Ref.
4 ft - 1.22 m White 64541
4 ft - 1.22 m Black 64550
4 ft - 1.22 m Light grey 64559
6 ft - 1.83 m White 64543
6 ft - 1.83 m Black 64552
6 ft - 1.83 m Light grey 64561
8 ft - 2.44 m White 64545
8 ft - 2.44 m Black 64554
8 ft - 2.44 m Light grey 64563
10 ft - 3.05 m White 64547
10 ft - 3.05 m Black 64556
10 ft - 3.05 m Light grey 64565


Comes as a 125 mm (5") wide roll with exclusive 3M adhesive system.

Keelshied wear pad durability combined with high quality 3M adhesive allow to claim a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Installing Keelshield is an easy DIY job : all you need to do is cut the pad at the required length to protect the chafing area (keel, bow, area around the motor).

For optimum results, the hull must be perfectly prepared and cleaned : after scuffing the hull, make sure you remove dust totally using isopropyl alcohol, before gluing the Keelshield pad. 

Keelshield is ideal on painted hulls provided they are in good condition. Equally suitable on aluminium hulls (except on some knife-like hull shapes).

Technical documentation & diagrams