Wheels with 304L st. steel tracks

Ref: 62297
Detachable and swing-up wheels, to mount on transom.
Suitable for all pneumatic boats with rigid transom.
Wheels swing up easily and instantly.
When sailing, the lateral movement of the engine is not hindered by the tracks locked upright.
Supplied in pairs with mounting instructions and accessories.
Puncture-proof wheels.


Tracks 304 L st.steel, 30 x 30 mm
Max. load 150 kg
Ref. 62297
Height 860 mm
Wheels Puncture-proof. Ø 260 mm. Axis Ø 20 mm. Hub length 75 mm.
Max. pressure 2,5 bar
Holding bracket thickn. 3 mm
Weight 8,6 kg

Technical documentation & diagrams

Plastimo tips & tricks

Max. speed : 5 km/h.
Do not trailer-drive.
Slightly reduce the tyres inflation to facilitate rolling on sand.