Performance fenders, non inflated

Manufactured from soft, shiny and UV resistant PVC. Can be used either horizontally or vertically.
Thanks to the design of the fender’s extremities, the PVC spreads evenly inside the mould during the rotomoulding process.
This even distribution of the plastic material guarantees a perfect shock absorption, no matter where the point of impact is on the fender.

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Max. boat length



Eye Ø

Overall Ø

6 m

 10 cm

40 cm

1.3 cm

 10.5 cm

8 m

 13 cm

50 cm

 1.6 cm

 14 cm

10 m

 15 cm

60 cm

 2 cm

 15.9 cm

12 m 

 20 cm

80 cm 

 2.7 cm 

 21.3 cm

 21 cm

 62 cm

 22.9 cm

 14 m

 23 cm

 85 cm

 2.8 cm

 24.8 cm

16 m+
Cata 14 m+ 

30 cm

110 cm

2.8 cm

32 cm

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Plastimo tips & tricks

  •  Size guide

Do not underrate the size of your fenders, just because they are bulky on the deck when you actually sail : if space is really an issue, you’d better have one fender less, while keeping a generous diameter. Do not compromise for the sake of space on board : opt for the next size up.
We recommend you to place one fender every 2.5 m, and minimum 6 fenders. An extra fender with a larger size will be most useful when rafted to another boat with a higher free-board. For optimum efficiency, choose a fender which length is equivalent to the 2/3rd of your boat’s free-board.

  • Pressure

We advise you to check the pressure of your fender or Bumper once or twice a year. The right pressure is obtained by using a pressure gauge or by measuring the circumference of your Performance fender. To be really efficient a fender or Bumper must be neither under nor over inflated.

Recommended pressure

Standard fender  0.15 to 0.20 bar
Spherical fender  0.15 to 0.20 bar
Bumper  0.07 to 0.10 bar