Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment

Boating is about being on the water, but without feeling wet ! Our seawear XM by Plastimo provide efficient protection to the crew and combine stylish look, comfort and hi-tech textile fibres.

Duffel bags

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Waterproof drybags

Really waterproof : IP66 rating. Lime colour for visibility + clever zip to extend capacity (20 to 40 L).

Survival backpack

Watertight backpack IP66, highly resistant. Volume : 63 litres.

Waterproof duffel bag

Full waterproof duffel bag, IP 66. Large capacities : 60 L & 80 L. 

Extendable weatherproof duffel bag

Extendable weatherproof duffel bag, IP 64. 2 sizes, each size modular : 60/80 L & 80/100 L. 

Wet and Dry bag

Clever and handy : isolate your wet equipment from your dry essentials !

Barrel bag

All-rounder dry tube, protects and carries your personal essentials when practising watersports or outdoor activities by the seaside.