Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment

Boating is about being on the water, but without feeling wet ! Our seawear XM by Plastimo provide efficient protection to the crew and combine stylish look, comfort and hi-tech textile fibres.

Key rings

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Key rings

Set of 10 polished brass key rings.

Buoyant keyrings

Buoyant keyrings : fender/buoy shape or cork balls.

Cork keyrings

Buoyant keyrings, one or two cork balls

Buoyant wallet

Buoyant wallet with key ring. 

Neoprene buoyant key ring

Porte-clés en néoprène et mousse. 

Key boy

KEY BUOY le sauveteur des mers, la solution pour les malchanceux. 

Buoyant key ring

Latex and foam for buoyancy. Wear key ring around your wrist like a bracelet