Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment

Boating is about being on the water, but without feeling wet ! Our seawear XM by Plastimo provide efficient protection to the crew and combine stylish look, comfort and hi-tech textile fibres.

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St. steel Clipper knife

Knife with shacke key, splicing spike & bottle opener. 7 cm serrated blade.


All knives combine st. steel flat and serrated blades for rope and net cutting.

WICHARD Offshore sailing knives

Designed for sailing and for highly demanding skippers, the «Offshore» knife offers a range of essential functions on-board a boat.

WICHARD Aquaterra knives

The AquaTerra knife is THE must-have knife for practising outdoor aquatic sports or pleasure boating.

Safety knife

Stainless steel blade, sharp cutting inside, round outside for safe stowing.
Highly visible plastic non-slip handle, ergonomic for perfect grip in an emergency.