Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment

Boating is about being on the water, but without feeling wet ! Our seawear XM by Plastimo provide efficient protection to the crew and combine stylish look, comfort and hi-tech textile fibres.

Waterproof pouches

Waterproof case

100% waterproof compact case, IP68 rating. Shockproof and resistant to corrosion.

Waterproof pouch 10''

Waterproof pouch for tablet or laptop made in transparent welded plastic. Opening and closing with snap button and triple zip to guarantee waterproofness. Jack 3,5 mm plug for waterproof earphone (sold separately). Adjustable strap.

Waterproof earphone

Waterproof earphone, cable 1,10 m long. 

Waterproof pouches Les givrés

Made in translucent E.V.A material chosen for its flexibility and resistance. Fast opening and closing with clipping clasp. Call and touch-sensitive functions available when the smartphone is inside. Compatible with all kind of smartphone.