Power & Electrical
Power & Electrical

Equally valuable for navigation and cabin comfort, power management requires methodically organized batteries and chargers. While cabin or cockpit lighting contributes to entertainment on board, other equipment like navigation lights or searchlights are definitely related to safety. 

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Battery switch with casing

100 A or 250 A battery switch in plastic waterproof casing.

Tubular AGM batteries

Optima batteries provides much greater power than conventional batteries.

AB Power Batteries

Ready for use and extremely reliable, the AB Power batteries are leak-proof up to 45°.
Provide energy requirement for starting engine and the proper energy for on board equipment functioning. 

Fixing brackets

Fixing brackets, black polyamide, with 1.30 m strap.

Blue line batteries

60 to 110 Amp batteries, ready to use and maintenance-free. Sealed and totally safe up to 45° heeling angle.