Duraled® heavy duty light with switch

Ref: 61937

Designed for engine rooms, the Duraled lamp is equally suitable in lockers, lazarettes and many heavy duty applications including outside.
Compact, heavy duty and completely sealed, it combines LED Multivolt™ technology, low power consumption (<2.5W) and consistent lighting (similar to 8W fluorescent light).

ISO 8846 : Ignition protected.

  • CE
  • NAV_N_GAR5_ANS_G_11445__


  • Heavy duty acrylic lens, UV-resistant.
  • LED colour : 5000K (white).
  • Operating voltage : 12/24V DC
  • Power consumption : <2.5W (<0.20A @ 12V / <0.10A @ 24V).
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to 60°C.
  • Ingress protection rating : IP67 + sealed switch.
  • Pre-wired with 120 mm marine cable.

Includes specific mounting clamps for easy and reliable installation.

Pre-wired sealed housing

Technical documentation & diagrams