Hella LED chart light

Ref: 61927

Hella Marine LED chart lights feature efficient lighting, significantly reduced power consumption and ultra long life. 
Ideal for a variety of interior applications including chart table, navigation area lighting and adjustable reading lights. 

Bi-colour LED : red/white.

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Dual white/red LED with integrated dimmer (rotary switch).

  • Current draw : < 2W (< 0.16A @ 12V).
  • Cool surface safe to the touch.
  • ON/OFF switch built into the head for easy operation.
  • Multivolt™ electronics provide consistent illumination and circuit protection across a range of inputs from 9-31V DC.
  • Highly shock and vibration resistant.
  • Pre-wired with 12 cm of cable.
  • Protection rating : IP53.

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The red light helps reading charts and instruments without affecting the natural eye-adjustment to night environment.
Efficient light at the chart table, dim light in the cabin to allow crew to doze or sleep comfortably.