YPower touch-screen monitor

Ref: 65333

New innovating remote display is offered as option for YPower battery chargers and shore-power units 12 V and 24 V.
It displays information about the charging process while the charger is running as well as battery supervision when AC network is off.
User friendly thanks to it 2.5’’ color touch-screen. 

• Battery voltage (up to 3)
• AC network status : voltage and frequency
• Total charger’s output current
• Charge status (Boost, Absorption, Floating)
• Battery pack temperature (if optional probe connected to the charger)
• Brightness night and day to be switched by pressing the center part of the screen
• Battery channel and name : up to 3 - house, starter, bow, etc.
• Charger output : ON/OFF
• Alarm : battery low voltage, high voltage, etc.
• Output battery charger current : from 100% to 30%
• Day mode: brightness
• Night mode : ensures quiet operation by stopping charger’s fan if any
• Charger parameters : battery type, boost ON/OFF, etc.
• Language : English, French, German & Spanish - Italian & Turkish in process




External dimensions

105 x 75 x 25 mm

Screen dimensions

51 x 39 mm


87 x 65 mm


< 500 g

Ingress protection of front side

IP65, not for outside use

DC supply range

DC 8-30V via +BAT E terminal

Operating temperature

From -10°C to +50°C

Storage temperature

From -20°C to + 70°C



System DC consumption via +BAT E terminal

Display and interface at full brightness

72 mA @12VCC

Display and interface in sleep mode

5 mA @12VCC

Remote display in sleep mode

2.2 mA @12VCC

Interface only (display not connected)

2.8 mA @12VCC