Power & Electrical
Power & Electrical

Equally valuable for navigation and cabin comfort, power management requires methodically organized batteries and chargers. While cabin or cockpit lighting contributes to entertainment on board, other equipment like navigation lights or searchlights are definitely related to safety. 

Deck and exterior lighting

Combined deck & masthead light

Combined deck/masthead light for boats up to 12 m.

Deck floodlight

Mast-mount deck floodlight with strong PVC housing, totally rope-friendly.

St. steel removable searchlight

St. steel hand searchlight.

18 W LED spotlights

Pair of 18 W LED spotlights for Monster Tower.

BlueEye Beam® removable searchlight

Halogen hand searchlight 400 000 candelas.

X-Spot buoyant spotlight

Very powerful buoyant spotlight, 5 lighting modes. 5000 mAh battery, micro USB rechargeable.