Handheld searchlight

Ref: 160855

A real must-have for night sailing and landing manoeuvres.  2 output modes, activated with a separate switch :

  • Proximity lighting (55W bulb).
  • Long-range lighting (100W bulb).

Both modes can be activated independently or simultaneously.  A trigger switch integrated into the grip allows morse code operation. Extended front edge provide protection for the lens.

  • CE


  • 12V.
  • UV, shock and vibration resistant plastic.
  • High reflective aluminium reflector.
  • Protection rating : IP X6K.
  • Two H3 bulbs included (12V 55W and 12V 100W).
  • Coiled cord, 3.5 m long when extended.
  • Cigarette lighter plug included.

Technical documentation & diagrams