Power & Electrical
Power & Electrical

Equally valuable for navigation and cabin comfort, power management requires methodically organized batteries and chargers. While cabin or cockpit lighting contributes to entertainment on board, other equipment like navigation lights or searchlights are definitely related to safety. 

Pole mounted navigation lights

360° white light, 2 NM, pole-mounted

360° white light, 2 NM visibility, on 600 mm high pole. Removable. IMO & USCG approved.

360° white light, 2 NM, telescopic pole

360° white light on telescopic pole 760 mm max.  2 NM visibility. IMO & USCG approved.

3-colour light, pole-mounted

3-colour light on fold-down pole. 241 or 635 mm high

Stern light, pole mounted

Visibility : 2 NM. Stainless steel pole.