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Power & Electrical

Equally valuable for navigation and cabin comfort, power management requires methodically organized batteries and chargers. While cabin or cockpit lighting contributes to entertainment on board, other equipment like navigation lights or searchlights are definitely related to safety. 


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Peli™ headlights

Hand-free lighting where and when you need it !

F4 headlight

Plastimo headlight with 4 modes. Keep press 2 seconds to reach red light mode. Pivoting head and adjustable head band. 

F9 headlight

Plastimo headlight with 9 modes. 3 kind of light beams : thin, wide, and red with 3 modes each. Pivoting head and adjustable head band. Integrated SOS whistle on the head band.

Ultra lightweight headlight

Plastimo ultralight rechargeable LED headlight. Designed for boating and outdoor activities.
Drop resistant. Adjustable lanyard for maximum comfort.