Power & Electrical
Power & Electrical

Equally valuable for navigation and cabin comfort, power management requires methodically organized batteries and chargers. While cabin or cockpit lighting contributes to entertainment on board, other equipment like navigation lights or searchlights are definitely related to safety. 


Lampes torches étanches à LED dont certaines rechargeables : modèles Plastimo, Navi Light by Navisafe ou Peli™.
Pour toutes applications : navigation et manoeuvres de nuit et bien sûr, sécurité (modèles Peli™ certifiés ATEX zone 0)

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Aluminum LED torch

Compact and multi-use, powerful torch with 5 modes : High/Medium/Eco/Flash/SOS. Adjustable beam. Strap included.

LED waterproof & floating torch

The must-have torch on board :  waterproof and floating, 20 m beam distance.

Rechargeable LED torch

NEW 2021 :

Miranda Merron's choice for the Vendée Globe. This model is IP67 and certified ATEX zone 0, it can be used in engine room without any danger. 
Can provide up to 34 hours run time. 3 lighting modes. ATEX zone 0. Lifetime warranty.

LED penlight

PELI™ / Most compact, top performance : 117 lumens, 24 m beam distance. ATEX zone 0.

LED torch, photoluminescent body

Lithium rechargeable, provides up to 34 hours run time. 3 lighting modes. ATEX zone 0.

4-LED waterproof torch

Watertight to 30 m : ideal for diving and checking the hull, mooring equipment or propeller.

Work light

Spotlight or torch. Magnetic tilt support to stabilize and lean the light. Suspension hook. Magnet on the back.

Navi Light Mini

Compact and sturdy torch. 5 lighting modes, including 1 night vision mode. 

Navi Light Glow

Watertight photoluminescent torch with highly luminous white LEDs.

12V charger for Peli torch 67809

12 V adapter to charge 2021 model torch ref. 67809 and also older model 57928.

Torche étanche LED Cree 3 Watt

Lampe torche étanche avec éclairage super puissant grâce à la LED Cree 3 watt blanche 160 lumens. 

Lampe torche sécurité

Lampe torche avec fonction morse. 
Boîtier ABS et revêtement caoutchouc. 

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