Powerboat  & Engine Access.
Powerboat & Engine Access.

The technical environment of powerboat and RIB addicts : pilot station and steering helms, fuel storage and engine related accessories… And also some less greasy stuff, more fun activities which can only be enjoyed from a powerboat : water ski, recreational fishing and diving.

Range overview

Bimini tops & Accessories

Bimini tops, 3 arches

Bimini top with 3 arches anodised aluminium frame, nylon fittings.

Bimini top for MTK, MT1 & MTE towers

Bimini top for MTK, MT1 & MTE : wakeboard, water ski or idle day out with sun "a la carte" and comfortable headroom.

Tessilmare Biminox

3 arches, 316 L, stainless steel.

Aluminium bimini top, 3 arches

Tessilmare aluminium bimini tops, 3 arches, epoxy coated aluminium. 100 % polyester fabric.

Aluminium bimini tops, 2 arches

Tessilmare Bimini tops. Epoxy coated aluminium. 100 % polyester fabric, manufactured in Italy

Quick-release tie-down latch

Quick-release tie-down latch.

Deck hinge

Support double inox/nylon.

Tie-down rope

4 ropes + 4 strap eyes.


Adjustable tracks in aluminium and nylon.

Deck hinges

Deck hinges for RIBs and inflatables

Nylon rowlock attachment

Nylon rod (male part) and nylon base (female part).

Support poles

Stainless steel or aluminium support poles.

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