Powerboat  & Engine Access.
Powerboat & Engine Access.

The technical environment of powerboat and RIB addicts : pilot station and steering helms, fuel storage and engine related accessories… And also some less greasy stuff, more fun activities which can only be enjoyed from a powerboat : water ski, recreational fishing and diving.

Range overview

Fishing / angling equipment

Marker float

Red and white polystyrene. Floats are supplied without rope.

  • Length : 14 cm, Ø : 6 cm. 
  • Rope Ø : 1.2 cm. 
  • Buoyancy overall : 262 g. 
  • Buoyancy in use : 131 g.

Traveler folding seat

Made in strong copolymer. Marine grade vinyl upholstery.

Skipper folding seat

Injection molded seat. Built-in hinge for a greater support. Extra-large seat.

Fish seats

“Bicycle” style. These seats offer comfort and stability.

Pedestral for fish seats

Adjustable seat. 360° rotation. Height : 560 to 740 mm.

On deck base for pedestral fishing seats

On deck base for pedestral fishing seats. Made in aluminum resistant to weather conditions.


Adapter compatible with the base 66219

Threaded built-in square base

Under deck threaded square base. Stainless steel with satin finish.

Float tube

1100 Decitex PVC construction : excellent resistance to abrasion and UV-rays.

Fish Pro seat

Comfortable seat for maximum lumbar support.

Ladder back seat

Polypropylene moulded seat, slated back. Removable snap-on cushions

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