BubbleBuster™ for hydraulic systems

Ref: 65987

BubbleBuster for hydraulic systems.

The stand-alone and portable BubbleBuster ™ purge unit simplifies and accelerates the bleed of hydraulic steering systems.The system includes a ZeroEmulsion pump, a tank with a capacity of 5 liters and is compatible with the most common directions.



• A pump with safety valve, switch and 5-liter tank for purging 2 hydraulic steering systems before filling. 12V electric motor with thermal protection (8A)

• 4m power cable with alligator clips for fast connection to the battery

• Double spiral hose to connect to the bar pump - extended length: 6m

• Double spiral hose to connect to the cylinder - extended length: 6m

Secure the hoses using the quick couplers on the bar and cylinder. Press the button and the BubbleBuster ™ will begin to circulate the oil throughout the airless system.