Titan Marine 15W-40 lubricant for 4-stroke inboard and outboard engines, petrol and diesel

Multigrade oil for use all yearround in all petrol and diesel 4-stroke engines (including turbo-charged engines such as engines used on rescue boats, emergency power generating sets, fishing trawlers or professional fishing vessels).
Protects against corrosion, friction and wear and keeps the internal engine clean.

Meets the API SG/CF-4, CCMC PD2/D4/G4 specification.
Viscosity SAE 15W-40.


Ref. Volume
40262 2 L
40263 5 L
40265 60 L


Titan Marine 15W-40 features:

  • High detergent properties for internal engine cleanliness.
  • Excellent dispersancy.
  • Exceptional thermal stability.
  • Good resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • Efficient against bore polishing.

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