Powerboat  & Engine Access.
Powerboat & Engine Access.

The technical environment of powerboat and RIB addicts : pilot station and steering helms, fuel storage and engine related accessories… And also some less greasy stuff, more fun activities which can only be enjoyed from a powerboat : water ski, recreational fishing and diving.

Range overview

Mirrors, horns & windscreen wipers

Mirror for watersports tower

Large mirror 18 x 36 cm with bracket arm. Mounts on watersports tower tube.

Trumpet style horns

12 V trumpet style horns, 1 or 2 tones. Stainless steel & chromed ABS.

Compact electric horns

12 V compact horns

Windshield mount mirror

Panoramic mirror (15 x 36 cm), mounts on windshield.

Ski mirror

The Attwood Ski Mirror is designed with a universal mount which allows mounting on either the dash or windshield extrusion (up to 3/4" thick). It adjusts freely to any position, any angle, up or down or side to side.