Powerboat  & Engine Access.
Powerboat & Engine Access.

The technical environment of powerboat and RIB addicts : pilot station and steering helms, fuel storage and engine related accessories… And also some less greasy stuff, more fun activities which can only be enjoyed from a powerboat : water ski, recreational fishing and diving.

Range overview

Portable fuel tanks


Can be used as a tank and receive a primer bulb with tube for motor connection.

Diesel jerrycan

Manufactured from polyethylene. Supplied with caps and chains.

Cap with built-in gauge

Cap featuring a mechanical direct sight gauge.
A must-have accessory to know the level of fuel at all times.
Length : 210 mm.

Jerrycans with spout

Manufactured in high density polyethylene.

Fuel tanks

Made in polyethylene. A reserve fuel area is designed right into the tank by means of a partitioned bottom. When gauge registers empty, simply tilt thetank and the reserve fuel supply becomes available.
The 22-litre model features a direct sight level indication (when the fuel tank is in vertical position).
Delivered with vent cap and outlet fitting.

Fuel tanks 12 L, 24 L & 29 L

Polyethylene fuel tanks, 24 and 29 L models with fuel level indicator. Come with spout and vent cap.