Powerboat  & Engine Access.
Powerboat & Engine Access.

The technical environment of powerboat and RIB addicts : pilot station and steering helms, fuel storage and engine related accessories… And also some less greasy stuff, more fun activities which can only be enjoyed from a powerboat : water ski, recreational fishing and diving.

Range overview

Water sports

Breakthru junior skis

Water skis (1m20) for children up to 45 kg. Foot size 20 to 36 (European).

TurboSwing® tow bar

Tow bar for wakeboarding, water skiing and fun tubing.

2-m orange pennant

In most European countries, pneumatic towed crafts are subject to a specific regulation.
A majority of countries require a quick release device on the tube, and have made it compulsory for the towing boat to fly a 2m bright orange pennant, giving clear evidence that a pneumatic craft is towed.

Splash wakeboard pack

Designed for riders up to 58 kg, this pack is perfect for beginners or more experienced children.

Fluid wakeboard pack

Model designed for intermediate to expert riders weighting up to 78 kg.

Orientable towed buoy

Swivel in 2 positions : sofa or tank.

Wing 2 towed buoy

Optimized wing for maximum fun.

Heavy duty flat buoy

Round low profile tube heavy duty flat buoy.

Tuwed buoy

Round and delta profile tube for 1 or 2 people.

Kneeboard Blue Fantasy

Easy and funny learning for the whole family.

Holding straps for wind-surf board or SUP

Ideal to fix a wind-surf or stand-up paddle the boat stanchions.

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