SOLAS equipment
SOLAS equipment
Safety and navigation equipment designed and SOLAS certified for use on board fishing and commercial boats, recreational or passenger vessels above 25 metres.

Distress signals & flares

Parachute rocket

Burns red for 40 sec. at 30.000 candela.

Buoyant smoke

For day use : produces orange smoke for 3 minutes.

Offshore signal kit

Pyro kit for recreational boating and professional applications : 3 red flares, 3 parachute rocket, 2 smokes.

Signal kit for Navy & Professionals

Pyro kit for professional vessels : 6 handflares, 4 parachute rockets, 2 buoyant smokes.

Parachute red rocket - Comet

Burns red for 40 seconds at 30.000 candela.

Buoyant lifesmoke - Comet

Produces dense orange smoke for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Red handflare - Comet

Burns red for 60 sec. at 15.000 candela. Telescopic handle.

Red handflare

Burns for 60 sec. at 15.000 candela. By the unit or kits of 3 flares.