Passive radar reflectors, SOLAS

Made of reflective aluminium sheets enclosed in a polyethylene case.
A symmetrical arrangement of interacting corners generates an echo with the largest possible reflective area, whatever the angle.
Mast mounting or halyard hoist.



Model Ref. Surface Height Homologation
EM230 175873 24.00 m² 610 mm ISO 8729-1, ISAF/ORC / SOLAS
EM230 BR 56194 24.00 m² 595 mm ISO 8729-1, ISAF/ORC / SOLAS



Model Ref. Reflective
Height    Diameter   Weight  Homologation
EM 230 175873  24 m2 610 mm 245 mm 2.3 kg

ISO 8729-1

EM 230 BR 56194 24 m2 610 mm 245 mm 2.5 kg

Plastimo tips & tricks

As the reflection capacity is proportional to the reflectors size, we advise you to choose a model with the largest possible reflection area.
The radar reflector must be hoisted aloft as high as possible.

Having a radar reflector on board is no substitute for an active watch

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