Wakeboard & ski racks

4 rack models to store safely your wakeboard, surf or water skis on board.

Equipped with a quick release mounting system to remove the rack without tools for security purposes, when trailering or when docking in a tight slip



Model Ref. Colour finish Code Fork width
Wake / surfboard rack 64198 Brushed aluminium WBRBA-2.5 38 mm
Wake / surfboard rack 64508 Brushed aluminium, black coated WBRBK-2.5 38 mm
Wake / surfboard combo rack 64429 Brushed aluminium SWR-2.5 38 mm & 70 mm
Wake / surfboard combo rack 64429 Brushed aluminium, black coated SWR-2.5 38 mm & 70 mm
Water ski rack 64432 Brushed aluminium WSR-2.5 38 mm

All racks come with a Ø int. 64 mm (2" 1/2) mounting clamp to fit Monster Tower® bars specifically.
To install racks on a different bar Ø please order a kit of universal collar inserts, ref. 64200.


  • Stylish and durable : forks in 6063 brushed anodized aluminium, holding bracket in 303 stainless steel.
  • Rubber bumper to protect boat and boards.
  • UV-resistant shock cords holds boards safely in place. 
Rack model Ref.  Colour finish  Fork width / Use  Code
Wakeboard 64198 Brushed aluminium, natural colour   38 mm / Wakeboard WBRBA-2.5
Wakeboard 64508 Brushed aluminium, black powder coated 38 mm / Wakeboard WBRBK-2.5
Wakeboard / Surf Combo  64429  Brushed aluminium, natural colour  38 mm + 70 mm /
2 wakeboards or 1 wake + 1 surfboard  
Wakeboard / Surf Combo 65679 Brushed aluminium, black powder coated 

38 mm + 70 mm /
2 wakeboards or 1 wake + 1 surfboard

SWR-BK 2.5
Water ski 64432 Brushed aluminium, natural colour 38 mm / 1 paire of combos or 2 pairs of slalom skis  WSR-2.5

For an uncluttered and efficient storage in your garage or garden shed : try our wall mount holder.
Wakeboard or ski racks can be taken down instantly and secured easily on the same quick-release system, on the wall mount holder.

Whether on the water or at home, your boards will always be safely stored.