Inflatable lifejackets with Hammar MA1 hydrostatic inflation head combined with ISI CO² gas bottle, purchased from September 2021 (and manufactured from August 2021).

Safety at sea has been Plastimo’s DNA for 60 years and our products quality is the very heart of our mission.

Consequently and as a result of a potential dysfunction appearing during our numerous quality control tests conducted on some batches of inflation heads, we are led to recall a certain number of lifejackets for check-up and replacement of the inflation system.

After operating the necessary modification to the incriminated lifejackets, the products will be given back to owner free of charge, through dealer or Plastimo approved servicing station.


 1.  Which products are potentially incriminated ?

The recall involves ONLY the Plastimo lifejackets equipped with a Hammar MA1 hydrostatic inflation system and a ISI CO² gas bottle.


 2. How can I know if my lifejacket is involved ?

--> 4 steps to identify the inflation system and the jacket production date, and also the re-arming kits involved :

1)  Open your lifejacket

2) Identify the inflation system of your jacket : if it is a Hammar system, returning it for check is necessary.

3) If you do not have the lifejacket close at hand, check the purchasing date on your receipt or invoice. If your jacket was purchased before 1st September 2021 or after April 2022, it is perfectly compliant and you have nothing to do.

4) If you have access to your lifejacket, check its production date, on the white label inside the outer cover. Your lifejacket is incriminated only it it has been manufactured between August 2021 and January 2022.
If your lifejacket is still in its original packaging, check the production date on the packaging.

IMPORTANT : your lifejacket is potentially incriminated and should be recalled only if it ticks positive to these two conditions : Hammar inflation head (round yellow piece) AND manufacturing date between August 2021 and January 2022.


 3. Which products are not involved in the recall ?

- The upper part of the Hammar inflation system, when sold on its own, is not eligible to recall.  

- The CO² bottle alone, sold on its own without an inflation system, is not eligible to recall.

- Re-arming kits bought from a distributor who does not belong to the Plastimo network, are not eligible to recall.  


4. Can you explain what the problem is ?

The lifejacket inflates in all cases. However, a slower inflation of the jacket has occured occasionally (slower than the 5 seconds required by ISO standards)

After lots of investigation, our technicians report that in rare circumstances, the firing pin may temporarily stay stuck in the sealed cap of the gas bottle and thus prevent the full and optimal release of CO² gas into the lifejacket.

5. How dangerous is it ?

In case of slow inflation of the lifejacket -which does not occur systematically- the air chamber would deploy slower which could, in extreme cases, contribute to drowning.


6. How did you come across the problem ?

This potential dysfunction has been noticed during our usual quality control tests throughout the production process. Our procedures include inflation tests as well as sampling with destructive testing. As soon as rare cases of dysfunction appeared, we reinforced and multiplied these tests on our production batches. We then conducted an internal investigation to know the exact nature of the problem. As we did not notice anything unusual on our production lines, we contacted our sub-contractors, manufacturers of inflation heads and CO² bottles.


7.  Any incident reported ?

As of today, no incident has been reported to us.


8. Have you noticed similar problems on other Plastimo lifejackets equipped with a different inflation system ?

Absolutely not. The only lifejackets potentially incriminated are those equipped with a MA1 Hammar hydrostatic inflation system, combined with an ISI CO² gas bottle.

Lifejackets with other inflation systems (eg. UML technology) or foam lifejackets or buoyancy aids are not involved at all in the recall.

9.  Can I update my lifejacket myself ?

For a perfect retrofit process on your lifejacket, ensuring its perfect operation compliant with standards, we strongly recommend that you hand your lifejacket over to your dealer who will assist you and direct your lifejacket either to our Lorient factory or to a Plastimo approved servicing station.


10.  My lifejacket is eligible to recall. Where should I send it ?

Please contact your dealer who will liaise with the closest servicing station. You can also identify the closest servicing station yourself (see the map) and apply directly to that station.

Don’t forget to bring your receipt, invoice or any document testifying that you purchased the lifejacket.
In both cases, please note that bringing your lifejacket strictly to standards will be free of charge.


11.  I bought the lifejacket second-hand / I got the lifejacket as a present and I do not have the requested information. What should I do ?

Follow the identification procedure (question no. 2) to check if your lifejacket is eligible to recall.

If your lifejacket is eligible to recall, please contact one of our dealers or servicing stations. (see the map)

12.  I bought my lifejacket in a country different from where I am currently cruising. What should I do ?

If you do not have the possibility to apply to your regular dealer, please find a local servicing station (see the map on our website).   


13. My lifejacket is on board my boat, in a different location from my home. I do not have the possibility to check before several weeks, whether my lifejacket is potentially incriminated.

If you have the invoice and can check the lifejacket model and the date of purchase, it will be rather easy to know if your lifejacket is potentially incriminated. Organise an appointment with the servicing station that is closest to your boat’s homeport, so that the technical modification can be planned in order to impact your next cruise or holiday as little as possible. This operation is quickly done by a professional, but planning an appointment beforehand will guarantee that the station will have the necessary parts available.
If you do not have these administrative elements available at home, please start with the identification of your lifejacket (as indicated in Paragraph 1) when you are on board and before sailing.


 14.  Is there a deadline to submit my lifejacket to retrofit ?

The recall ends on 31 December 2022, as decided by the DDPP (French bureau for consumer protection). In all cases, it is recommended not to use the lifejacket until it is professionally modified.
The second checkpoint will be to replace the inflation system as soon as possible, before the regular servicing is due.



For any other question, please contact your dealer or write to

Last update : April 29th 2022