Active radar reflectors

The reflector amplifies and re-transmits the radar signal it receives.
By emitting an amplified signal, the reflector drastically improves the detection range and reduces the risk of collision.



Model Ref.
Active-XS reflector 59031
Active-X reflector 187031


Two models :

  • the Active-X reflector, designed to respond to S-band radar pulses,
  • the Active-XS model responding to X and S-band radar pulses.

Each model is supplied with an antenna, a 24-m connection cable, and a control box which incorporates both LED and switchable audible alarms.

Reception frequency  X-band radar :
 9.32 - 9.5 GHz
X-band radar :
 9.32 - 9.5 GHz
S-band : 
2.9 - 3.1 GHz
Operating temperature -20° to + 60°C
Position accuracy 1 m
Voltage 12 V DC, protected against current surges
Antenna dimensions 478 mm x 40.5 mm 685 mm x 40.5 mm
Antenna weight (without cable) 327 g 509 g
Control box dimensions  92 x 51 x 38 mm (L x H x W)
Connection cable length  24 m  
Fuse 0.5 A, accessible from outside
Stand-by current consumption  < 15 mA < 23 mA
Transmitting current consumption 190 mA  X band : 190mA
S band : 155mA
Power 1 W 
Standard compliant - Exceeds ISO 8729-2

Plastimo tips & tricks

As the reflection capacity is proportional to the reflector's size, we advise you to choose a model with the largest possible reflection area.
The radar reflector must be hoisted aloft as high as possible. 

Having a radar reflector on board is no substitute for an active watch.