Octahedral type radar reflectors

Aluminium models, fold flat for easy storage.

For optimum performance, the radar reflector must be mounted in catch rain orientation.


Ref. Dimensions Weight Max. reflective area Complies with
27015 215 x 215 x 280 mm 450 g 3 m²
23648 300 x 300 x 415 mm 650 g 5 m²
10074 340 x 340 x 470 mm 1000 g 7 m² ISAF/RORC : diagonal > 456 mm

Plastimo tips & tricks

As the reflection capacity is proportional to the reflectors size, we advise you to choose a model with the largest possible reflection area. The radar reflector must be hoited alotf as high as possible.

Having a radar reflector on board is no substitute for an active watch.