Tube-type radar reflectors

Clever shape : creates minimum windage and also less chafe on gear.

  • Sailboat version : features a groove for the shroud
  • Powerboat version : with mounting bracket

To be used as a complement : does not replace an active radar reflector.


Model Ref. Dimensions Weight Max. reflective area
Sailboat 25586 Length 58 cm Ø 5 cm 250 g 2 m²
Sailboat 39099 Length 59 cm Ø 10 cm 900 g 4 m²
Powerboat 25587 Length 56 cm Ø 5 cm 300 g 2 m²
Powerboat 29496 Length 56 cm Ø 10 cm 1100 g 4 m²

Plastimo tips & tricks

As the reflection capacity is proportional to the reflectors size, we advise you to choose a model with the largest possible reflection area. The radar reflector must be hoited alotf as high as possible.

Having a radar reflector on board is no substitute for an active watch.

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