Rescue line

Ref: 27020
Throw bag heaving line, very simple to operate : a 20 m retrieval line stowed in a bag, allowing to connect the survivor to the boat.
Equally useful in many circumstances, such as getting a line to a dock, and also in many river leisure activities, such as canoeing, rafting, etc.
The Rescue Line is weighted, so that it can be thrown with accuracy at a reasonable distance, even against strong winds.
It features a grab loop at both ends, enabling both the rescuer and the survivor to remain attached to the line.


Description Rescue Line
Ref. 27020

• 20 m floating line (Ø 7.5 mm*).
• Weight : 500 g.
• Bright yellow colour for good visibility.
• Breaking strain of line : 400 kg.

* OSR § 4.22.5 compliant.