BASIC safety package for navigation within 2 NM from shelfer

Ref: 64878

Large 110 L hold-all bag, contains the compulsory safety equipment for 4 persons boating within 2 NM from shelter
(as per French regulation - Div. 240).

Recommended for boating within 2 NM from shore.


Basic compulsory equipment  (French regulation)

  • 4 x Storm-3 buoyancy aids, 100 N, sizes L & XL
  • 1 foam fire extinguisher, 1 kg
  • 1 bailer
  • 1 mooring rope, 30 m x Ø 8 mm polypropylene


Plastimo recommends that you upgrade it with : 

  • Individual signalling device : 1 light stick or a flashlight (per person)
  • Mooring line, either :
    5 kg Grip kit ref. 46565 or 7 kg Grip kit ref. 46567, or
    8 kg Britany anchor package, ref. 35202, or
    10 kg Britany anchor package, ref. 35203
  • Tide tables and schedule

Watercrafts such as jet skis, scooters (French regulation since 1st May 2015)

Safety equipment legally required if riding within 6 NM from shelter :

  • 1 lifejacket per person (or buoyant safety suit)
  • Individual signalling device, watertight with 6-hour run-time minimum.
  • Towing rope, kill cord, fire extinguisher
  • Bailer or bucket or bilge pump

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