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Rack for horseshoe buoy + light.

Clean, uncluttered mounting of horseshoe buoy on any rail Ø 18.5 to 25.5 mm.

Horseshoe buoy with removable cover

Zipped cover, 3 colours. Buoy alone or complete set with light and st.steel bracket.

SOLAS ring lifebuoys

Feature 4 retro-reflecting tapes and a 3 m grabline.

Ring lifebuoy container

Ring lifebuoy container, with or without ring buoy. Container dimensions 75 x 85 cm.

Throwing line

Floating polypropylene, compliant with regulation to equip lifebuoys.

Rescue Buoy

Combination of horseshoe buoy + floating line + floating light in a PVC cover for uncluttered MOB equipment on board.

Cover set (cover + reel + retrieval line)

Converts your existing regular Plastimo horeshoe buoy into a Rescue Buoy. 

Inflatable horseshoe buoy

The inflatable horseshoe buoy is composed of 2 different elements :

- holder fixed on the boat’s pushpit ;
- ABS canister containing the horseshoe buoy.
The canister is attached to the holder by a lanyard.
In the event of a man overboard, throw the canister towards the victim.
Deployment will occur when lanyard is fully tensioned.

Accessories for ring lifebuoy container

Pole and fixtures to secure ring buoy container on jetties or pontoons.

Ring lifebuoy container with door

Container for Ø 61/63 or 73/75 cm ring buoy. 

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