Rodeo buoyancy aid

Ergonomic tailored and body-hugging : specifically designed for paddling activities (canoe, kayak, paddle-boarding…).
Comprehensive features, multiple pockets and adjustments all contribute to safe and comfortable riding.

  • 70_NEWTON


Ref. Weight Chest size
65301 30-40 kg 60-78 cm
65302 40-60 kg 78-100 cm
65303 60-80 kg 100-120 cm
65304 > 80 kg > 120 cm



Rated 50 Newton, actual buoyancy 70 Newton.
PVC foam one-block buoyancy floats.

Durability 100 % polyester outer shell back + heavy duty Ripstop on back and sides.

• Large link lateral zipper with locking slider.
• Adjustable shoulder straps.
• Adjustable side with strap and plastic buckle.
• Tidy stowage of waist strap with Velcro system.


• Soft flexible foam for perfect body fit.
• Easy side entry.
• Wide elasticated armholes for easy paddling and freedom of movement.
• Quick draining front pocket in mesh to carry small safety accessories.
• Back pocket designed for a 1 L water pouch*, max. dimensions 16 x 27 cm
(W x H).
• Outer shell removable for easy cleaning.

Visibility Front, back and neckline reflecting lines.

Official documents

  • Certificat EU_Gilet Rodeo 70N Certificat EU_Gilet Rodeo 70N Download
  • Déclaration conformité EU_Gilet Rodeo 70N Déclaration conformité EU_Gilet Rodeo 70N Download

Plastimo tips & tricks

The European standard requires a 50 Newton buoyancy for canoe and kayak practice, mostly carried out in sheltered water or where help is close at hand.
However, for extra safety, Plastimo has uprated its range to a 70 Newton actual buoyancy : our buoyancy aids are approved in the 50 N category, but provide 70 N actual buoyancy.