Foam fire extinguisher

Ref: 51517

More specifically intended to put down a solid fire (rated A), a liquid fire (rated B) or a fire from cooking fats (rated F).
Can also be used safely on electrical systems and electronic instruments (up to 1.000 V), with no risk to damage the instruments. The cooling effect prevents re-ignition. Non pulverulent, can be used in recessed areas.

  • Foam fire extinguisher : 2 liters with gauge
  • Country : France
  • Approval : NF - EN3/AFNOR


A : solid, dry material fire (paper, wood, textiles…)
B : liquid fire (petrol)
F : cooking fats fires

Model 2 liters with gauge 
Fire rating  8A/70B/25F
Pressure Permanent
Propellant Nitrogen + Hélium
Power  450 kW
Gauge  yes
Height  378 mm
Diameter  108 mm
Weight (full)  2,7 kg
Discharge time  21,30 sec.
Range  4 m 
Bottle material  Aluminium 
Re-fillable bottle  yes
Mounting bracket   yes

Plastimo tips & tricks

Always hold the fire extinguisher vertically to ensure optimum operation. When held horizontally, or slightly inclined, operation could be hindered. Always direct the extinguisher to the starting point of the fire and gradually move up following the flames.
A fire extinguisher must be placed close to critical areas (engine compartment, galley, batteries...) and should always be easily accessible from inside as well as outside.
To ensure a perfect operation, we recommend that you have your fire extinguisher checked periodically by a professional.