Powder fire extinguishers

Dry powder extinguishers are polyvalent : they can be used on most types of fire, except metal fire. They also provide efficient results on mixed fires.



  • N_CE_0029
  • SOLAS_0029_03


Country Model Approval Ref.
France 1 kg ABC without gauge NF - EN3 / AFNOR 57508
France 2 kg ABC with gauge NF - EN3 / AFNOR 38360
Germany 2 kg ABC with gauge DIN - EN3/ MPA 39814
Netherlands 2 kg ABC with gauge BZ - EN3 / NCP 38364
Sweden 2 kg ABC with gauge SS - EN3 / DNV 39815
France 1 kg ABC with gauge NF - EN3 / AFNOR 38354


A : solid, dry material fire (paper, wood, textiles…)
B : liquid fire (petrol)
C : gas fire (butane, propane…)

Plastimo tips & tricks

Always hold the fire extinguisher vertically to ensure optimum operation. When held horizontally, or slightly inclined, operation could be hindered. Always direct the extinguisher to the starting point of the fire and gradually move up following the flames.
A fire extinguisher must be placed close to critical areas (engine compartment, galley, batteries...) and should always be easily accessible from inside as well as outside.
To ensure a perfect operation, we recommend that you have your fire extinguisher checked periodically by a professional.