Automatic fire extinguishers, ABC powder

Automatic fire extinguishers are particularly suitable for the engine compartment : installed permanently, it operates automatically when the ambient temperature within the engine compartment reaches 79°C. It can be used on all kinds of fire, except metal fire.
  • N_CE_0029


Model Ref. Height Diameter Weight (full) Discharge time
2 kg ABC 38368 378 mm 108 mm 2.800 kg 10 sec.
1 kg ABC 38367 242 mm 82 mm 1.450 kg 6 sec.


Common features :

  • Fire rating : ABC
  • Pressure : Permanente
  • Propellant : Nitrogen / Helium
  • Range : 1.50 m (when installed at 3 m height)
  • Automatic operation temperature : 79°C

Plastimo tips & tricks

A fire extinguisher must be placed close to critical areas (engine compartment, galley, batteries...) and should always be easily accessible from inside as well as outside. To ensure a perfect operation, we recommend that you have your fire extinguisher checked periodically by a professional.