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Portable fire extinguishers

Foam fire extinguisher

More specifically intended to put down a solid fire (rated A), a liquid fire (rated B) or a fire from cooking fats (rated F).

Powder fire extinguishers

Dry powder extinguishers are polyvalent : they can be used on most types of fire, except metal fire. They also provide efficient results on mixed fires.



Automatic fire extinguishers, ABC powder

Automatic fire extinguishers are particularly suitable for the engine compartment : installed permanently, it operates automatically when the ambient temperature within the engine compartment reaches 79°C. It can be used on all kinds of fire, except metal fire.

Gas fire extinguishers with remote activation

Fixed fire extinguishers to safely put down fires in recessed areas.

Fire blanket

Fibreglass fire blanket in rigid ABS container.
Complies with BS EN 1869 standard.

Quick fist

Le collier de fixation Quick Fist ® en caoutchouc d’un seul morceau est idéal pour ranger ou transporter des outils et maintenir l’équipement fermement en place. 

Super Quick fist

Super Quick Fist est idéal pour ranger ou transporter des extincteurs, des réservoirs, des tubes et autres équipements.