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Commercial lifejackets

Lifejackets for professional applications
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SOLAS - 180 N Austral inflatable lifejackets

SOLAS inflatable lifejackets for commercial applications.  180 N actual buoyancy.

SOLAS inflatable lifejacket - 150 N

150 N SOLAS lifejacket with fire-proof cover.

French Navy inflatable lifejacket

For standard service and emergency manoeuvres on all vessels.

Commando inflatable lifejacket

Specially designed for assault troops. Supports one person + 30 kg of combat equipment.

SOLAS foam lifejackets

For use on board fishing & commercial boats, recreational or passenger vessels above 25 m.

Typhoon Navy, foam lifejacket

150 N foam lifejacket with MOLLE® attachment webbing to add pouches & accessories.

Pilot Pro 180 lifejacket

Lifejacket with actual buoyancy 180 N, PVC coated zipped outer shell.  Ideal for professional applications. 

Pilot 290 lifejacket

Recreational boating & pro- fessional/industrial applications. 290 N buoyancy. Optional add-on Molle pouches & access.

Pilot 275 lifejacket

300 N buoyancy : suitable for stout body sizes or wearers with heavy protection gear.

SOLAS inflatable lifejacket - 275 N

275 N SOLAS lifejacket with red nylon cover. 


Fits SOLAS inflatable lifejackets 59415 and 59416.

SOLAS insulated immersion suit

SOLAS survival suit provides thermal insulation and buoyancy.