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SL 180 lifejacket

Waistcoat style inflatable lifejacket, tailored for comfort and performance.

Pilot 165 lifejacket without harness

Short on chest with cutaway sides : all-rounder jacket that suits most recreational activities.

Pilot Race 165 lifejacket

Comfort combined with multiple safety adds-on.  165 N actual buoyancy.

Quickfit lifejacket

Lightweight and easy to repack : air chamber stitched to outer shell.

Pilot 275 lifejacket

300 N buoyancy : suitable for stout body sizes or wearers with heavy protection gear.

Pilot Fishing lifejacket

For fishing enthusiasts and fishfarming professionals : safety combined with easy maintenance.

Pilot Pocket lifejacket

Most compact lifejacket, 150N. Worn around the waist. Ideal for windsurfers, kitesurfers, SUP-riders etc

Pilot Pro 180 lifejacket

Lifejacket with actual buoyancy 180 N, PVC coated zipped outer shell.  Ideal for professional applications. 

Crutch strap

Prevents the lifejacket from riding up when in the water, thus making swimming easier.


Fits SOLAS inflatable lifejackets 59415 and 59416.

Waist belt extender

Up to 175 cm waist size.

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