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Inflatable lifejackets

Inflatable lifejackets for recreational boating
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Seapack lifejacket

Manual inflation. Designed for an emergency situation such as abandonship conditions.

Pilot Pro 180 lifejacket

Lifejacket with actual buoyancy 180 N, PVC coated zipped outer shell.  Ideal for professional applications. 

Pilot Fishing lifejacket

For fishing enthusiasts and fishfarming professionals : safety combined with easy maintenance.

Quickfit lifejacket

Lightweight and easy to repack : air chamber stitched to outer shell.

Crutch strap - one plastic buckle

Prevents the lifejacket from riding up when in the water, thus making swimming easier.

Spare protection pouch Seapack lifejacket

Pouch originally comes vacuum-sealed out of our factory. 

Pilot Pocket lifejacket

165 N buoyancy ready for use, while you don’t even feel like you are wearing a lifejacket.

Gilet Evo Tonic

Water drop shape for increased mobility. Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N (33 g CO² gas bottle).

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