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Accessories for inflatable lifejackets

W3 compact flashlight with fixing clip

Lifejacket LED flashing light with fixing clip. Activates automatically when in water. SOLAS

W3 compact flashlight for lifejacket

Lifejacket LED flashlight with loop to attach to lifejacket. Automatic activation when in water. SOLAS

W3 compact flashlight with mounting accessories

Lifejacket LED flashlight, with mounting accessories. Automatic activation when in water. SOLAS

Crutch strap - one plastic buckle

Prevents the lifejacket from riding up when in the water, thus making swimming easier.

6 colour fleece collars

6 colour fleece collars to customise every lifejacket. (for Pilot Race lifejackets).

Fleece collar, black

Spare fleece colour (black) for Pilot Race lifejacket.

Re-arming kit 24g- automatic firing

Kit for Pilot Junior, EVO-J & Quickfit Junior automatic lifejackets, with water-dissolving cartridge.

Re-arming kit - 38 g.

Re-arming kits 38g. for SL180 lifejacket and Pilot pro 180.

Re-arming kit - Pilot IOR lifejacket, automatic

Kit for Pilot IOR 165 automatic lifejacket.

Re-arming kit - Pilot 275N / SOLAS lifejackets

Kit for Pilot 275-300 N / SOLAS automatic lifejackets.

Re-arming kit

Re-arming kit for inflatable IOR dan buoy & manual 275-300 N Pilot lifejacket.

Re-arming kit, - Pro-Sensor Pilot 150-165N

Kit for Pilot 150-165, EVO 165 Pro-Sensor lifejackets.

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