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Accessories for inflatable lifejackets

Re-arming kit - Pro-Sensor Pilot 275-300 N

Kit for Pilot 275-300 N Pro-Sensor lifejacket.

Re-arming kit - Hammar lifejackets

Kit for Pilot 150-165N, Optisafe & Quickfit Hammar lifejackets, A1 firing head.

Re-arming kit for automatic 275-300 N

Kit for Pilot 275-300 N Hammar lifejacket.

Re-arming kit for Pilot IOR 165 Hammar

Kit for Pilot IOR 165 Hammar lifejacket.

Re-arming kit - Pilot 150-165/EVO 165 Hammar lifejacket

Kit for Pilot 150-165, EVO 165, Quickfit 150 Hammar lifejacketMA1 firing head.

Re-arming kit - Pilot 275-300 Hammar lifejacket

Kit for Pilot 275-300 HAMMAR lifejacket, with MA1 firing head.

UML 5 water dissolving cartridge

UML 5 water dissolving cartridge.

Pro-sensor water dissolving cartridge

Pro-sensor water dissolving cartridge.

Hammar A1 hydrostatic release mechanism

Hammar A1 hydrostatic release mechanism.

Hammar MA1 hydrostatic release mechanism

Hammar MA1 hydrostatic release mechanism.

Spare protection pouch Seapack lifejacket

Pouch originally comes vacuum-sealed out of our factory. 


Hammar MA1 hydrostatic release mechanism for Pilot 290 lifejacket.