Plastimo’s DNA : Liferafts, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB recovery systems, signalling and survival aids : all you need to enjoy boating safely.

Accessories for inflatable lifejackets


Spare crutch strap designed for SL180, Austral 180, Pilot 290.
(crutch strap deliverd as standard).
Prevents the lifejacket from riding up when in the water, thus making swimming easier.
25 mm wide polyester webbing, with two front and one back plastic buckles.

Re-arming kit 60g

Re-arming kit 60g. for lifejacket Pilot 275 and Pilot 290.

Molle® pouch

Molle(R) attachment pouch, ideal as an extra stowage feature on a lifejacket


Easy to mount on your Plastimo lifejacket for added protection and visibility in survival conditions

Cyalume lightsticks

Visible over 1 NM.

Sprayhood for SOLAS lifejackets

Sprayhood, fits SOLAS inflatable lifejackets 59415 and 59416.

110 L duffle bag for safety equipment

110 L duffle bag to hold your safety pack (safety equipment not incl.). Mesh compartments inside.


Polypropylene whistle, ISO12402-8 compliant. Compulsory on lifejackets 100 N buoyancy and over

Re-arming kit - 33 g.

Re-arming kit for manual firing lifejacket, includes : a CO² gas cylinder, 33 g and the system adapted to your lifejacket.
For lifejackets : Pilot 150-165N, EVO 165, Pilot Pocket, Seashore, Seapack, Easyfit, Quickfit, Pilot Race, Rescue belt, Family, Optisafe, Pilot Basic.

2 kits needed for the Austral 180 (SOLAS).

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