Water drop shape for increased mobility.
Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N (33 g CO² gas bottle).

Available with integrated harness.

Quickburst® zip outer shell closure

  • PICTO_150N
  • NAV_N_GAR3_ANS_G_11429__


Ref. Inflation system Colour Model
66945 Manual Black Without harness
66943 Manual Orange Without harness
66946 Manual Blue Without harness
66955 Automatic Pro-Sensor Black Without harness
66953 Automatic Pro Sensor Orange Without harness
66957 Automatic Pro Sensor Blue Without harness
66967 Hydrostatic Hammar Black Without harness
66965 Hydrostatic Hammar Orange Without harness
66969 Hydrostatic Hammar Blue Without harness
66950 Manual Black With harness
66948 Manual Orange With harness
66952 Manual Blue With harness
66961 Automatic Pro Sensor Black With harness
66959 Automatic Pro sensor Orange With harness
66963 Automatic Pro Sensor Blue With harness
66973 Hydrostatic Hammar Black With harness
66971 Hydrostatic Hammar Orange With harness
66975 Hydrostatic Hammar Blue With harness


  • Outer shell ergonomic design : Zip closure. Short cut on chest combined with rounded shape provide superior comfort and mobility.
    Very easy donning.
    Foam padded patch on stomach, integrated to waist belt.
    Flexible and hardwearing material.
  • Visibility of inflated jacket : yellow air chamber + 300 cm² retro-reflecting tapes.
  • Backstrap, 40 mm polypropylene : ensures perfect body fit when lifejacket is inflated.
  • Viewing window helps monitor status of firing mechanism, on automatic Pro-Sensor and Hammar hydrostatic models.

Harness with textile loop, ideally centred. Heavy duty hi-tech fibre with retroreflective insert. Shown with tether, to be order separately.


YKK QBZ® zip, designed and certified specifically for use on lifejackets.

Official documents

  • EU Certificate_EVO165 lifejacket EU Certificate_EVO165 lifejacket Download
  • EU Compliance Statement_EVO165 Lifejacket EU Compliance Statement_EVO165 Lifejacket Download