Inshore dan buoy

Ref: 176928

Black GRP tapered pole 2.14 m long. Yellow encapsulated float.
Yellow plastic dipped lead weight. Flag and 25 mm band of retro-reflective tape.
3 metres of Ø 8 mm floating line

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Additional equipment required by ISAF standards
Besides dan buoy and lighting, ISAF equipment includes :

  • 1 horseshoe lifebuoy.
  • 1 dye marker (ref. 38861).
  • 1 small drogue anchor (ref. 25354) and line.
  • 1 whistle (ref. 16303).

The ISAF regulation stipulates that when at sea, the dan buoy must be either fully extended or, in the case of an inflatable model, deployed in less than 20 seconds.