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Transocean liferaft, ISAF

Blue water liferaft, ISAF compliant for offshore racing. Features boarding ramp. ISAF- ISO 9650-1A

Transocean liferaft, ISO 9650-1

Blue water liferaft : -15°C inflation temperature, insulating floor, survival equipment +24H / -24H. ISO 9650-1

Coastal liferaft, ISO9650-2

For moderate conditions : 0°C inflation temp., single floor, manually erected canopy. ISO 9650-2

Cruiser liferaft

For coastal cruising and moderate conditions.

Standard deck-mount cradle

Stainless steel cradle to be mounted horizontally on deck. Tube diameter : 22 mm.

Universal cradle for liferaft

St. steel adjustable cradle. Horizontal / vertical : fits all liferafts and boats. 

Deck-mount cradle + straps

Stainless steel cradle to be mounted horizontally on deck. Tube diameter: 25 mm.

Comes complete with set of adjustable straps, 40 mm wide.
This cradle is the only model compatible with a hydrostatic release unit.

Hammar hydrostatic release units for liferafts

The hydrostatic unit releases automatically the liferaft from a sinking vessel.
It consists in a double looped white rope line, a release mechanism and a "weak link"(that will break away when the system is triggered).

  • Operating depth : 1.50 to 4 metres
  • Lifetime : 2 years from date of installation on board
  • No servicing required
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Dimensions (excluding attachment braids) : 95 x 65 x 60 mm

2 shackles ((bow-type Ø 8 mm, not included) are necessary for installation.

Anti-theft cables

Supplied without padlock.

Radeau spécial mini 6.50

Radeau de survie hauturier (division 240) - 24 h - ISO 9650-1. Conditionnement en sac spécifique Mini 6.50.

Radeau Golden Globe Race

Radeau de survie hauturier ISO 9650-1/ISAF, équipé pour Golden Globe Race. SUR COMMANDE SEULEMENT.