Delfino lifefloats

Provides efficient buoyancy in the event of shipwreck or Man Overboard. Allows the victims to gather in order to ease survival and rescue. High density polyethylene, filled with polyurethane foam for buoyancy.Fitted with reflecting stripes for added visibility.
Braided rope is reeved through reinforced eyelets at regular intervals (2, 3 or 4 eyelets on each side) to account for a larger number of persons grasping the rope.

Approved by the Italian Merchant Marine. 


Use Ref. Dimensions Buoyancy Weight Approval
8 persons 195393 90 x 90 x 28 cm 1370 N 16 kg n. 258/1982
12 persons 195394 98 x 98 x 30 cm 1970 N 23 kg n. 256/1982