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Rescue range

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Rescue line

Throw bag heaving line, very simple to operate : a 20 m retrieval line stowed in a bag, allowing to connect the survivor to the boat.
Equally useful in many circumstances, such as getting a line to a dock, and also in many river leisure activities, such as canoeing, rafting, etc.
The Rescue Line is weighted, so that it can be thrown with accuracy at a reasonable distance, even against strong winds.
It features a grab loop at both ends, enabling both the rescuer and the survivor to remain attached to the line.

Rescue Sling©

Complete rescue gear, which delivers flotation to the victim and provides a means to hoist the person back aboard (with the help of a lifting tackle or halyard winch if necessary).
The clever and exclusive design of the Rescue Sling consists in the retrieval line which is coiled on a reel : this avoids the line tangling or fouling, and makes the Rescue Sling the most efficient man over
board recovery gear.

Lifeguard rescue buoy

Buoy used by professionnal rescuers.

Holder for cylindrical products

Originally designed for the Rescue Line, ref. 27020.

Rescue line® - Spare bag

Spare bag for Rescue line®.

Rescue Sling - Housse de rechange

Spare cover for Rescue Sling® Yellow or White.